Which Model to Use for Cortical Spiking Neurons?

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks (2004) 15:1063-1070

Eugene M. Izhikevich

The Neurosciences Institute,
10640 John Jay Hopkins Drive,
San Diego, CA, 92121.

Abstract. We discuss the biological plausibility and computational efficiency of some of the most useful models of spiking and bursting neurons. We compare their applicability to large-scale simulations of cortical neural networks.

Full text in PDF file,
The following figure summarizes neuro-computational features of biological neurons, and it is available in pdf, gif, and eps formats.
It was generated using the MATLAB file figure1.m

You can explore the model and the 20 neuro-computational properties using MATLAB tutorial program

Hereby you are granted the permission to freely use this figure in your publications provided that (1) You add the line Electronic version of the figure and reproduction permissions are freely available at www.izhikevich.com to your paper and (2) you send me a copy of your paper when it is published.

You can download izhikevich.m and izhikevich.jpg to play with the tutorial implemtation of the model

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